Stand Tutorial

Stand Tutorial

 It is really very simple and I have taken a series of pics for you so it should be very easy to recreate. Starting with your cutting plate on the bottom, place a piece of heavyweight card (at least 240gsm, although a bit heavier would be preferable). Place your Labels 28 die with the cutting ridge towards your cutting plate and card.

Next, you are going to lay a strip of card about an inch to an inch and quarter wide across the centre of the die. This strip of card has to be a really good heavyweight card stock, If your card is not heavyweight enough, you will cut right through this and your card below and it will not work. If in doubt, use two strips of card stacked on top of each other. The point to this stops your die from cutting this section, but allow it to cut everything else.

Next, skip a size in your die set and use the next one down I have shown my set to the left with the largest one missing, then I skipped a size, then the next one is missing and lay that in place over the strip but lined up the larger die. Tape these in place to keep them straight. Cover this with your base plate and run through your Grand Calibur machine.

This picture is what you will have when you remove your die from the plates and discard the strip. You can see where it has left an embossed area in the centre, but it has not actually cut all the way through there.

Next, Fold the two outside edges upwards from the point where they are attached in the centre.

Place the double-sided sticky tape in the centre and attach to the back of your card. Depending on the weight of the card you have used and how sturdy the card is, attach it about a half-inch from the bottom. You can attach higher if your card weight is thick enough to support your card leaning back further. This will work with some of the other similar shaped dies too if you do have Labels 28. You will just need to play around with some of the more rectangle-shaped ones. 

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