Inking the edges

Rub ink on the edge of each of your layers

When inking the edges of your cards they will appear to have even more layers and each layer will appear slightly popped.

Here are some examples 





Here's another example:


After is VERY subtle.  I inked each of the edges in a dark brown (Early Espresso).  In particular look at the blue layer - I could have added a mat behind that layer, but I wanted to keep it more subtle.  I wanted the focus on the very simple lighthouse - too many dark layers behind it would be distracting.  Also, see the sentiment layer.  I could have matted it - but it would have been too big.  

The curves on the sentiment layer make it hard to rub on an ink pad so in this case, I just rubbed it on a marker.

Another example:



I did the green and the patterned paper layers as indicated earlier by rubbing across an ink pad.  But simple rubbing didn't give the image enough contrast.  So in this case I used a cotton ball.

Tap a cotton ball on a brown pad

Start away from your layer.

Pull the ink onto your layer.

You have TOTAL control

If you stop right at the edge, you get a small amount of brown. If you pull the cotton ball onto the layer, you get a lot of brown. doing it in this way, the darkest part will always be at the EDGE of the panel - just where you want it!

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